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I’m Rebecca. USA Today bestselling author of new adult romance, caffeine-addict, and lover of all sports.

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In Your Wildest Dreams

He’s the cocky, pro hockey player that tried to get my number during a game. Now he’s sidelined with an injury and I’m his new nurse.

The first time I met Ash Kelly, he stripped off his jersey and gave it to a little girl in the crowd, charming an arena full of fans in the process. Then he tossed me a puck and asked for my number. I was with my jerk ex-boyfriend, who was less than impressed with the whole thing.

The second time he crashes into my life it’s as my patient. There’s no way he should remember me, but he does. Being Ash’s nurse is torture. He’s stubborn and frustrating, and he won’t stop flirting with me now that he knows I’m single. He’s even recruited the entire hospital to help him win me over. And it’s working.

The more time I spend taking care of him, the more he breaks down my defenses. He’s kind and considerate, and he makes my heart race.

But I’ve sworn off dating and getting involved with a charming, handsome hockey player like Ash feels like a terrible idea. We go our separate ways again, despite our undeniable connection.

I should have known it wouldn’t be the last time. For some reason, the universe keeps throwing us together.
I’m finally ready to give him a chance, but there’s one little problem. My ex-boyfriend just got a new job as the assistant GM of the Wildcats. And the only thing he wants more than me is to screw over the man I’m falling for.

In Your Wildest Dreams is a hockey romance with a cocky, cinnamon roll hero, spice, banter, and a happily ever after. It’s the fourth book in the Wildcat Hockey series and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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The Catch

One catch.

One extremely lucky catch and the moment just after changed my life.

I went from Mario, average college baseball player, to a Valley U hero.

All the attention, razzing from my teammates, and newfound fascination from the opposite sex, feels super weird.

Which is why Vanessa James’ disinterest is a welcome relief. She’s beautiful and daring and she makes me want to prove that I’m more than that one moment.

Winning her over will take as much effort as I give on the field, but when I do – she’ll be the greatest catch of my life.

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