Hating the Player Bonus Scene

Two weeks before Junior Year

“I’m so glad you and Gavin got back together.” Jane drops onto a lounge chair on my right and slides on a pair of red, heart-shaped sunglasses. “Access to this pool is a definite perk. If you’re going to break up with him, please wait until this heat wave passes.”

Daisy, on my other side, hums her agreement. “It’s almost as good as the tree house.”

Dahlia laughs. “You only like that tree house because it’s where you and Jordan have sex nonstop.”

My cousin blushes. “It’s not the only reason I like it.”

“Better enjoy the pool now,” I say, letting my eyes fall closed, “because once classes start up, it won’t be nearly this quiet or as relaxing out here.

Only two weeks left of summer until the fall semester starts. The girls came back early to settle into the house and hang out. I missed them so much. I saw Daisy a couple of times this summer with our families, but Jane and Dahlia were both too far away.

Jane went back home to California for the break and Dahlia spent most of her time off traveling. She entered some golf tournaments, went with her family on vacation to Italy, and then saw Penelope Hart in concert, VIP-style, so she could watch with thousands of others while Penelope wore the design she created. Dahlia said the show was incredible.

But the really incredible part is that Penelope posted a stage shot of her wearing Dahlia’s jumper on all her social media accounts (it was SO gorgeous by the way!) raving about how much she loved it. My friend has a new glow since she’s been back. She’s always been amazingly talented, but I think she just might be starting to believe it for herself.

Daisy spent the summer between Flagstaff with her family and visiting Jordan in Phoenix. They are the cutest. Every time I think Jordan can’t possibly make her any happier, he proves me wrong.

And me, well, I spent my summer vacation falling more in love with the boy next door. Gavin stayed in Valley to continue his knee rehab, and I went home to see my family and lounge around the pool. We planned to visit each other on weekends, and maybe take a trip somewhere together. But, well, things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

I did go home, and he did come to see me, two weeks after I left. He met my parents (I think my dad likes him better than he likes me. Kidding, but seriously, it’s possible.) and I showed him all around my hometown. It was great. Then it was over. Far sooner than either of us wanted.

Gavin left early on a Monday morning, because he had to get back for a physical therapy appointment, and an hour later, I packed up and followed him. Life is better when he’s around. I still got to spend my summer by the pool, at The White House, and we drove up to Phoenix a few more times so that my parents could see me (at least I think it was me they were excited to see).

All in all, a great summer. But I’m glad my friends are back. This morning we woke up and decided a day of swimming was in order. The basketball guys have camp this week, so the pool is all ours in the mornings.

“Oh my gosh, Vi. Did you get a tattoo?” Jane’s voice snaps me to attention.

I follow her line of vision to the mark on my hip.

Her brows rise in question and Daisy and Dahlia sit forward to get a better look.

“You got a tattoo?” Dahlia asks.

“No. It’s pen.” I run my finger lightly over the infinity symbol and heat creeps down my neck. “Gavin drew it.”

“Ooooh.” A small burst of laughter leaves Daisy’s lips. “That’s what these are.”

She grabs my wrist and points to the inside of my bicep where he wrote I love you.

A dozen more mark up my body in places my friends can’t see.

“What can I say, he expresses himself better with a pen in hand.”

“And when you’re naked?” Jane asks with a grin.


“I got a tattoo,” Daisy says, casually.

We all look at her with shocked expressions.

“Really?” I scan her body, looking for ink, but don’t see anything.

“Where?” Dahlia asks.

My cousin lifts the pinkie finger of her left hand. It’s so small I can barely make it out.

“A stick man?”

“A stick woman. It matches Jordan’s. When we link pinkie fingers, they kiss.”

“Just when I think you two can’t get more adorable,” I say through giggles.

The four of us are still laughing when Gavin walks out the back door. He’s in workout clothes and pulls the sleeveless T-shirt over his head before he sits on the end of my chair.

He hits me with a smile that makes my insides tingle. “Hey, gorgeous. Enjoying the pool?”

“Hi.” I sit up and wrap my arms around his neck. He’s warm and sweaty, and his hair is wet and curls up at the end. “We are. Your pool is a real selling point. I’m not allowed to break up with you until winter.”

He grunts before pressing a hard kiss to my mouth and then nipping at my bottom lip.

“Are you going to swim?”

“Maybe. I need to shower first.” He brushes his lips over mine more softly this time.

“I could use a shower,” I murmur against his mouth. “Someone got pen all over me.”

“Yeah. I had to explain to the guys why my back says, Touch and Die.” He swivels to show us his back where I did, indeed, write those words.

“Did it work?”

Instead of answering me, he kisses me again.

“How’s the knee?” Dahlia asks him.

He extends his left leg. “Better. Not one hundred percent yet, but I’m getting there.”

He’s worked so hard this summer with physical therapy and light workouts. Who knows? I might go watch my first basketball game at Ray Fieldhouse this year.

“Shower with me?” he asks quietly, so only I can hear.

My heart races and my core aches. I don’t know how it’s physically possible to be so turned on in such a short amount of time. And in front of my friends.

“Be right there.”

He nods and gets to his feet. “Later, ladies. Enjoy the pool and I restocked the hard seltzer. That oughta get me to at least next summer?”

“We’ll consider it,” Jane says through a smirk.

“’Preciate it.” He winks as he leaves.

“Pool access and free booze,” Jane says. “Yep, I’m really glad you two worked things out.”

“Me too.” I watch as he goes inside. A year ago, I never would have believed it were possible. Life is funny that way. Always surprising me.

“Go,” Dahlia says, nudging me, “but don’t ditch us all afternoon.”

“I won’t.” I scramble to my feet. “Do you want me to grab fresh drinks on my way back?”

“Definitely.” Daisy shakes her can. “Hurry. I’m almost out.”

I do hurry, but only because my body is vibrating with need. Upstairs, I hear the shower going and head straight for the bathroom. The door is cracked open and I linger outside for a second. I have a constant fear that I’m going to walk in on one of his roommates. None of them ever closes the door.

“Gavin?” I ask tentatively and push it open an inch wider.

Fingers wrap around my wrist and tug me in. Before I realize what’s happening, my boyfriend has me pressed against the now closed bathroom door.

Naked Gavin is a glorious thing. I only get to appreciate it for a second before his mouth crashes down on mine.

“Missed you.” He practically growls the words before his tongue tangles with mine, leaving me unable to respond.

There isn’t anything to say anyway. He knows I missed him too.

Logically, I know that at some point we’ll likely move out of this phase where we can’t get enough of each other, but we’re so far from that now it feels like a lifetime away.

While pressing me into the wooden door, Gavin kisses down my neck. He makes quick work of untying my bikini top and tossing it to the ground. Then his lips are skimming over my breasts. He lavishes me in kisses, and I thread my fingers through his thick hair and tug.

Last night, he drew petals around my nipples to make my boobs look like flowers. That was right before he drew the infinity symbol and told me he’d love me forever. Sweet and sometimes silly, that’s Gavin. And oh, so sexy.

His mouth covers a nipple, pulling a happy groan from me. He lifts one leg, encouraging me to wrap it around him, then his long fingers dance around the edge of my swimsuit bottoms. He slides one digit under the spandex material and inside me. I moan as I arch into his touch, silently asking for more.

“You’re so wet, baby. You must have missed me too.”


He drags his thumb over my clit. I whine in protest when his hand falls away, but he drops to his knees in front of me and covers me with his mouth.

Steam billows in the bathroom. I feel like I could float away with it as my first orgasm jolts through me. This summer has been a master class on getting each other off, and Gavin is an eager, attentive student.

Then again, so am I.

And Gavin always likes to get off the first time inside me. I step into the shower, letting the warm spray pelt my skin. He steps in behind me and pulls the curtain closed.

I turn to face the wall and bend over. Another thing Gavin likes—to take me from behind.

He guides the head of his dick to my entrance and slowly pushes in. I hold my breath as I enjoy the sensation of him filling me up. If I’m honest, this is how I like it best, too. Although, there aren’t a lot of ways I don’t like it with Gavin.

“You’re so damn beautiful and amazing and mine, Vi. I’m so lucky that you’re mine.”

He reaches around to circle my clit as he moves in and out of me at a steady pace. Neither of us will last long like this. Quick and explosive, and frequent, that’s more our style.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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