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Voltage, a noun. The difference in electric potential between two points.

I loved electricity. It fascinated me as a child – a magic force that could be felt, but not seen. Instead of jumping back and gasping in surprise when I accidentally zapped myself turning off the TV, like I’d seen others do, I reveled in it – giggling and shuffling my feet on the carpet, desperately wanting to recreate it.

As I’d gotten older, I obsessed over the other type of electrical shock. The kind that happened between two people that were meant to be together. While a cliché notion to some, I held out hope that electric potential could exist between two people the same way it could between two points. I sought it out – waiting for the other person who could set my potential in motion.

Maybe part of me wanted to believe in it the same way I believed in voltage. It made the idea of navigating love and relationships so much simpler… waiting for the touch of my perfect match that would send shock waves to my very core. And how great would that feel to have this jolt to the heart, so you’d know this person would be worth whatever struggles or problems that stood in your way. A spark that would leave no doubts.

So, I sat in wait – tension coiled and ready to be transferred to the other point. To the person that would love me in an electric way.

I loved electricity, but I hadn’t learned all there was to learn about it yet and my naivety made me stupid. In electricity and love. While I had been sitting in wait – hoping to find that perfect person whose touch sent a shock through my body, I had lost sight of a crucial part of voltage.


Because while voltage exists without current, current does not exist without voltage. I equated love with electric potential and the two points were me and my perfect match. I’d loved plenty of people but current… damn, the current that failed to arc. I guess what they say, you can’t force love, is true because I’d tried and failed so many times to shuffle my feet and force an electrical shock – to make people love me - only to be met with disappointment when they failed to love me in return.

Why was it evading me when I was so filled with electricity I could practically set myself on fire? People were hard to understand and love, well, that was even harder. I gave up looking for my perfect match and went back to the science. It was easier – it had rules and laws that were clear and precise. I didn’t give up on love, but I stopped trying to force it.

And with a hope that when the time was right love would find me, I devoted my life to voltage and current.

Live Now!

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